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‘Isle of Palms’; Mystic Serenade CD; original by Hawk Hurst and John Giles.

Native American Style Flutes • Rivercane Flutes
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Hawk Hurst - Storyteller - Folk Musician - Performing Artist

Hawk Hurst

Hawk Hurst - Storyteller - Folk Musician - Performing Artist
The stories and music Hawk shares, bring the wonders and wisdom of ancient cultures to life. Many of his tales rely on musical instruments crafted by Hawk, himself. An eight time recording artist, and the author of two children’s books, Hawk has offered his educational programs for over two decades. Hawk also offers artist-in-residency programs, in-school field trips, and adult classes in storytelling, Native American-style flute and drum making, as well as, a variety of gourd-inspired projects.

Hawk’s educational background includes a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Education from Lesley College and the Audubon Expedition Institute, as well as undergraduate degrees in Psychology and in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma. He has served as the past President of the South Carolina Storytelling Network and has been a featured teller at numerous festivals across the country and abroad. He has co-directed both the Stories for Life (storytelling) Festival and the Piccolo Spoleto Children’s Festival, held annually in Charleston, SC. He is a long-standing member of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild, and is on the active artist roster of the South Carolina Arts Commission.

Hawk Hurst - Storyteller - Folk Musician - Performing Artist
Hawk has long worked in the field of Environmental Education. He continues to lead nature hikes, as well as teaching ancient living skills at outdoor centers such as the Green River Preserve, Firefly Gathering, and Earth Skill Rendezvous. He and his wife, Ayal, were the co-founders and former directors of a unique, non-profit summer camp and outdoor education center, known as Silver Water Retreat. The summer camp programs, known as Earth Camp, have been ongoing for over two decades and are now held at Buffalo Cove Hollow.

Quotes from Educators and Parents

“What you brought to our ‘Primitive Technology Week’... those sounds, songs, and stories were powerful. You have a marvelous way of connecting with all of the students.”
- Tom Manke, Head Naturalist, Hammond Middle School

“Thank you for bringing the wonderful gift that you have for Native American flute making. The audience was absolutely fascinated by your skill with the river cane and your beautiful, flute playing.”
- Rebecca, Sewee Center

“You are remarkably intuitive and kind in such a way that the students respond enthusiastically to your stories, music, and instruction. You are a gifted model for teachers and parents in encouraging positive relationships and rapport with young people.”
- Joy, Middle School Music Teacher & Parent

“I have especially enjoyed Hawk’s unique way of combining all the spheres of health in his teaching and performances: physical, through movement; social, through group interaction; mental, illustrating deep and rich concepts; spiritual/intuitive, through all of the above and his own powerful spirit!”
- Pete C. Reichle, Professor, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Hawk Hurst - Storyteller - Folk Musician - Performing Artist

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Firefly Gathering
South Carolina Storytelling Network
North Carolina Storytelling Guild
Green River Preserve
Earthskills Rendezvous
Piedmont Earthskills Gathering
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