This program will provide each participant a chance to create an authentic, Native American-style sacred flute. The flutes are end blown, easy to play, and satisfying to craft. Flutes may be made in either the pentatonic (5 note) or diatonic scale. Side blown flutes may also be crafted. Your sacred flute will be made from a type of wild native grass, known as river cane (Arundinaria gigantea), or from its two asian cousins, black bamboo, and clumping bamboo. Flute blanks are specially selected and cut in the cold of winter, then stored for several months to dry out. Using only fire, each flute will be carefully decorated, further “curing” the cane and creating unique design patterns.

Classes last from three to five hours and may been held at schools, homes, churches, summer camps, galleries, and even public parks. The cost of the workshop starts at $65, per person. Group discounts are available. Best for ages 12 and up. Private flute-making and playing lessons are available, upon request.
Hawk Hurst FlutesHawk Hurst Flutes


This workshop will provide each participant with a chance to create an authentic, Native American-style ceremonial drum. The sound that resonates from these instruments is absolutely wonderful, while the method of tying that we use will keep your drum tight for years to come. Pre-made, round hoops are made from either spruce or maple and will range in diameter from 15” to 17”. The 16-sided frames are made from western red cedar and will range in diameter from 15” to 17”. The (pre-cleaned) skins used will be from either elk or cow, depending on what is currently available. A drum beater, with a rivercane handle, deerskin, and sheep’s wool stuffing, will also be made.

Classes last from five to six hours, and include making, decorating, and learning to play the drum. The fee for the workshop varies, dependent upon the number of participants, travel time, and the current market price of the materials. Prices generally range from $180 - $220, per drum. Group discounts are available, upon request. Best for ages 14 and up. Individual drum making classes and drum playing lessons are available, upon request.
Hawk Hurst FlutesHawk Hurst Flutes


“I made a flute with you years ago and really loved it. I play it almost everyday at a wilderness camp where I work with teenagers. They love it!”
- Will

“It has been two weeks since my drum-making experience with you and I wanted to express how much I appreciate the experience, knowledge, and time you shared with me. I really learned a lot and had a great afternoon!”
- Neil

“I so enjoyed making my rivercane flute - the burning of the holes - the sanding - the firing of the outside to decorate - I loved all of it! Thanks again for your patience, expertise, and fun-loving spirit.”
- Kelly

“Your encouragement and faith in our abilities will last a lifetime.”
- Henry

“I haven’t quit talking about my drum making experience. I am quite proud of how it looks... thanks for your part in my music adventure.”
- Judith

“This workshop was so unique - different from any retreat I have attended. We had such freedom to laugh, work, and share at the same time.”
- Sylvia

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